Poster Design

Design the senior class high school choir posters.

My daughter is in the Royal Oak High School Choir.
For the past couple of years I’ve volunteered as one of the parent boosters to design the posters for the departing Senior class.

The project started in the early spring of ’22. I setup a small mobile photo studio in the school and photographed all the seniors in uniform over a couple of days, letting the kids pick the shot they wanted me to use for their poster. I was also asked to design a yard sign for fundraising purposes. For both projects it was necessary to rebuild a scalable vector version of the ROHS Choir logo from a low-res bitmapped file they were able to provide. In my studio, I cut the portraits out of their backgrounds and designed layouts and styles that would work and unify the posters. In ’22 I went with a clean contemporary brushed metal look. The project continued in ’23. This time I designed a background with music notation and pixie dust.

As spring of 2024 is coming quickly, I’m really looking forward to designing the posters again because it’s my daughter’s senior year.

For more info about the project, check out Project News.

Senior Posters ’23

Senior Posters ’22

Yard Sign for Boosters ’22

May 2023

Client: Royal Oak High School Choir

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