Building Illustration

Architectural remodel and illustration of a commercial property.

Steadfast, LLC, a growing laboratory business that specializes in analyzing legal marijuana for pesticides and metals, would like to relocate their laboratory to Hazel Park, MI.

They found a property they plan to purchase and renovate. However, it needs a lot of work, and they needed someone to design and illustrate the changes so that they may present their ideas to the city for their approval.

With a very tight timeline, I was asked to design and create an illustration of the property as if remodeled. Given some directions on what they needed from the exterior of the property, I was basically given freedom to improve the building cosmetically as best I could. I was provided some photos of the existing building that my client took, as well as some files of the company’s logo-mark. With that, I dove in.

Using the perspective tool in Adobe Illustrator, I mimicked the overall shape of the existing building using 2pt perspective so I could show both sides in one illustration. I drew awnings over the front door and windows using the bright green from their logo, and I put large planters filled with greenery in the front and side of the building. I added a green canopied waste collection area with a wrought iron fence toward the back of the building by an exit door. Also, I removed the old entry door and replaced it with vertical wooden planks for visual interest, and made the door closest to the newly sealed parking lot their new front door. Grey stone on the building and thick window/door trim, and orangish wooden planks provided contrasting textures and tetrad color harmony with the green awnings providing a welcoming exterior to the property design.

UPDATE 2/25/20: The city of Hazel Park commented positively on the presentation and approved Steadfast LLC’s request to move forward with their plans to purchase, remodel, and relocate to the property.

Jan 2020

Role: Designer & Illustrator

Client: Steadfast, LLC

Vector Architectural Illustration and Building Remodel by Steve Miller
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