the Turncoat

It’s RELEASE DAY TODAY for The Turncoat, book #3 in the Rebels and Redcoats Saga, written by my friend Tracey otherwise known as T.J. London.

I’m hoping everyone loves the eCover and book jacket for the Turncoat as much as Tracey and I do. You can get a copy today through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, IBOOKS, and Kobo.

Book Jacket/eCover Photography/Design by Steve Miller of

Read More about the process of this project in my portfolio post.

Tracey’s site:

AIGA | Design Observer

50 Books | 50 Covers nomination.

Over 700 entries from 29 countries, I’m very thankful The Tory was nominated for this coveted Book/Cover design competition.

the Tory Book Jacket Design by Steve Miller
the Tory book jacket design by Steve Miller

The Traitor – Book Jacket Design

the Traitor book jacket design by Steve Miller of
the Traitor book jacket design by Steve Miller

This is my jacket design for the second book in the Redcoats & Rebels Saga by T.J. London, set to release October 26, 2018.

For this project, I kept with the style of the first book, the Tory, for a unified design. As with the last book, I shot the cover in my home studio using the same model, Brian, who represents the protagonist in the author’s trilogy. T.J. London herself was the other model, or should I say ‘hand model’. It was a crazy fun day, and this is the result of our hard work. You can find it on Amazon after it’s release date.

Here’s my portfolio link to the work I’ve done for Tracey (aka T.J. London).

The Tory – Book Jacket Design

Book Jacket Design by Steve Miller
Book Jacket Design

Congrats to My Friend Tracey (aka T.J. London) on her new book release! For this project, I fully immersed myself in her story of John Carlisle, the protagonist in her Revolutionary Wartime historical fiction story, before concepting, photographing, and designing the book jacket. It was a great project to follow the design of her brand logo for Revolutionary Author. I look forward to completing the next two books in the series.

Check it out. It’s on Amazon!

The author’s site is