Steve Miller

I explore. As ‘creatives’ often do.

I suppose my professional exploration into the creative world began in college where I earned a degree in Fine Arts. While I didn’t exactly put that degree to work, I did find a way to utilize my creativity.

I learned art direction and design on the job while working with some very talented people. I worked at small shops designing t-shirts and band flyers. And, I moved up to some really great agencies including Upshot in Chicago and Tracy Locke in Dallas…where I did work for clients like Rolling Rock Beer, Pepsi and Frito Lay.

Eventually, these exploits led my wife and I to Detroit—where I turned back to fine art ( Soon after, I became a father and, therefore, a stay-at-home dad. To keep my sanity, I continued to paint as well as do freelance design on branding projects for small businesses and individuals.

Most recently, I’ve found time to teach myself website design using WordPress. This portfolio site and a few others within my portfolio, serve as examples of this exploration!

Feel free to check out my work throughout this site. Let me know what you think. And, if you’ve got any endeavors you’d like me to explore, I’m always open to new opportunities. As ‘creatives’ often are.


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