Steve Miller

I explore. As ‘creatives’ often do.

I suppose my professional exploration into the creative field began after college where I earned a degree in Fine Arts. While I didn’t exactly put that degree to work immediately, I did find a way to utilize my skill set.

I learned art direction and design on the job while working with some very talented people. I worked at small shops designing t-shirts and band flyers. And, I moved up to some really great agencies including Upshot in Chicago and Tracy Locke in Dallas…where I did work for clients like Rolling Rock Beer, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Eventually, these exploits led my wife and I to Detroit—where I turned back to fine art ( Soon after, I became a father and, therefore, a stay-at-home dad. To keep my sanity, I continued to paint as well as do freelance design on branding projects for individuals and small businesses.

Over the years, I’ve helped some really fascinating people realize their dreams and develop their brand. More recently, I’ve been helping storytellers, including an author who writes historical fiction, a podcaster of the paranormal and macabre, and a short story publisher.

Feel free to check out how I’ve helped others reach their goals throughout this site. Also, I’m available if you have any questions or would like to get a reference or two.

And, if you have any endeavors you’d like me to explore, I’m always open to new opportunities. As ‘creatives’ often are.

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